A beautiful smile starts with a healthy smile, and a healthy smile starts with the basics. At Evergreen Dental in Palmer, our standard of care includes annual exams and x-rays in conjunction with your dental cleanings. Committing to a routine of professional dental care reduces your risk for decay and severe periodontitis. It also helps us to catch a small issue before it becomes a large problem.


Comprehensive Exams, Full-Mouth X-rays


Our providers ensure that every patient receives a comprehensive exam at their initial visit. This exam includes a thorough look at the health of your gums and teeth, an oral cancer screening, and a review of your oral facial muscles. In order to ensure a proper bill of health, a full set of x-rays are taken at your initial visit. This helps determine if any decay or cavities are present and the level of your bone in your jaw. Once you are a patient at Evergreen Dental, you will receive an exam every 6 months and one small set of x-rays a year. All of our x-rays are digital and thereby drastically reduces your exposure to radation.


Teeth Cleaning, Basic Cleanings


A teeth cleaning is so much more than "scraping" your teeth. A thorough cleaning involves record keeping of the level of your gums and bone levels on an annual basis, the optional use of an ultrasonic or cavitron to assist in removing stubborn calculus, polishing with your favorite flavor of mint, and a customized plan for home care. Our hygienists work with each patient on their level of dental needs and understanding to ensure they have the tools they need to stay on a healthy dental track. A basic cleaning, otherwise known as a prophy, is completed at a minimum of every 6 months. Patients that do not have periodontal disease or severe gingivitis are able to receive this treatment.


Children and Adult Preventative Treatment


We have groovy teeth - it's in our nature! For some of us, whether we are just getting our permanent teeth or we've had our permanent teeth for over 30 years, those grooves can include deep pits which leave our teeth vulnerable to decay. A sealant is a fluoride-free restoration that helps protect those grooves and pits that are too deep or difficult for our toothbrush to keep clean. While the anatomy of the tooth is slightly smoothed over, it does not affect your ability to chew or eat. In fact, you don't even need to get numb!


Periodontal Maintenance, Scaling & Root Planing


Periodontal disease is an active, aggressive disease that eats away at your bone level and causes recession in your mouth. Uncontrolled periodontal disease, also known as perio, affects the heart and worsens the symptoms of diabetes and other systemic affects. Perio care requires extra steps to stop its progression and to keep it at bay. A deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing or periodontal therapy, helps remove the bacteria beneath the gum tissue that our toothbrush cannot reach. It helps set the mouth back to a healthy level to prevent further loss of bone or gums. Once this therapy is completed, the patient must continue on a consistent plan called periodontal maintenance where we see you between 3-4 months. Periodontal disease is not something to shy away from. Together we can arrest the disease and get you back to smiling with confidence.