When you're in an emergency situation, the pressure is on to find someone to help you quickly. Evergreen Dental is here to help you whether it's a same-day emergency or planning out your care for a future date, our team is ready to provide you the care you need to get you out of a dental emergency or to prevent a dental emergency from occurring.

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Simple, Surgical, Wisdom Teeth


Oral surgery is a necessary dental treatment for teeth that cannot be saved due to uncontrolled periodontal disease, gross decay, or broken tooth. This also includes extracting wisdom teeth due to their position in the mouth which can affect the neighboring teeth and cause lingering pain. Our providers are trained in simple and surgical removal of teeth and in quality chairside care. We make sure that our patients are comfortable during what can be a stressful appointment and all questions are answered.


Root canal treatment


When decay has reached the nerve of the tooth or a tooth has broken in a manner that exposes the nerve of the tooth, a root canal may be recommended by your dentist to restore your tooth to its natural function. Once the nerve has been exposed, treatment must happen to ensure no more bacteria can enter into the bloodstream through that opening. Root canal therapy removes the infected or exposed nerve from the tooth and replaces it with a material that will seal the canals. The tooth is then ready for a crown to ensure a positive long-term prognosis. Our providers take the time to discuss treatment options for teeth in need of this type of therapy.


Emergency Care


Few things are worse than experiencing sharp, piercing dental pain and having no way to resolve it. Our dental team is experienced in providing same-day emergency care. Whether that care looks like antibiotic prescription, placement of soothing medication, or extraction, we provide options to get you out of pain and onto a healthy dental track. Same-day emergency needs are welcome!