Having a healthy, beautiful smile can vastly improve one's confidence. Whether it's changing the shape or the location of your teeth, our providers have the ability to help you get the smile you've always wanted.




Have you ever wanted to change just a little something on your front teeth but didn't want to go through braces or some other type of major treatment? Veneers may be the option for you! Veneers are not as invasive as a crown but are similar in the way they can change the shape of your tooth. Veneers can be used to close the diastema between your two front teeth or give your peg laterals a more uniform appearance. Making your dream smile into a reality with veneers is a same-day process at Evergreen Dental through use of the CEREC system. After an initial visit to plan and approve your new smile with your provider, we can fabricate the veneers in office and you will walk out with the smile you've always dreamed of!


Clear Aligners / Invisalign


Orthodontics or braces are not just for esthetics. Orthodontics can completely change the way your bite functions or close food traps in your back teeth. It can help straighten crooked or crowded teeth that tend to build up calculus quickly and it can make flossing in tight spaces a thing of the past. Our providers utilize Invisalign and SureSmile to help with simple cases of correction or esthetic desires. These clear aligners can make simple changes in as little as 6 months without the need for metal brackets.

If your case is more extensive than fixing a few teeth, we work with some amazing orthodontists that will help you achieve the function and/or smile you've wanted through the amazing technology of orthodontics.


Custom Trays


What's the difference between an over-the-counter tray and a custom one? A major one! Imagine wearing a flip flop that is one size fits all versus a shoe you've taken time to try on and ensure a good fit. Huge difference, right? Our custom trays are made from an impression of your teeth. The whitening product placed in the tray is stronger than any product purchased over the counter as dental professionals have access to the stronger percentage of bleach and/or hydrogen peroxide materials used for whitening. The custom tray is snug as a glove which allows the product to rest on your teeth - not your gums - and work the magic of brightening your smile. Custom trays are made within a day and our team will go through each step for home use to ensure you achieve the best results!

If taking impressions for whitening trays does not appeal to you, we have Opalescence Go trays that are between an over-the-counter and a custom fit. This is a great option for a quick whitening session on the go!


Implants, Bridges, Dentures


There are many options to replace your missing teeth. As providers at Evergreen Dental, we partner with our patients to select the best treatment option that works for the patient's health, home care, and budget. These options include:

  • Dental implants: Replace one or multiple teeth utilizing this treatment. Implants help maintain the bone level where they are placed in the mouth. You can floss them like your regular tooth and are seamless in their integration in your mouth.

  • Bridges: Covering the missing tooth with a floating tooth is possible through the use of a bridge. The bridge connects the neighboring teeth with a floating tooth or pontic. This treatment helps prevent the neighboring teeth from drifting and causing further problems. The bridge requires special flossing habits that can easily be learned with the assistance of our dental team.

  • Dentures: Whether it's a full or a partial appliance, dentures are a great option to restore missing teeth. A full denture can help restore quality of life for chewing and even improve your facial structure by making it look fuller. Partial dentures can be removed for easy cleaning and can look natural by choosing either an acrylic or metal-framed device.